Data Tracking at Iveshead School (Y7 to Y11)


Projected Grades

Our tracking system in KS3 and KS4 at Iveshead School is based around projected grades. A projected grade is a grade which indicates what grade your child is on track to getting in their GCSE based on their current work and assessments. Subject staff have looked at what is required for each grade in the GCSE exam and worked backward to see what standard your child will need to be at in each year to achieve this grade. This does not mean that they are assessed on GCSE criteria in all year groups. Instead, teachers have worked out the standard they will need to be at based on the curriculum content for each year group. 

In BPE the grading is slightly different – they use ‘developing’, ‘secure’ and ‘exceeding’. Developing means they are working towards the expected standard for their year group, secure means they are at the expected standard for their year group and exceeding means they are working above the expected standard of their year group. 

We recognise that PE is more than just being good at practical sport and includes aspects such as leadership skills, evaluation skills, teamwork and cooperation skills and an understanding of how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. As a result, at Iveshead School we are assessing learners in three different domains:

  • Head (thinking skills),

  • Heart (social interaction and effort skills) and

  • Hands (practical skills)

Our Core PE assessment is now graded in line with our examination terminology to get learners used to these outcomes. It ranges from Entry, Pass, Merit, Distinction to Distinction*. The learners are assessed against all three domains (head, heart, hands) and then a final average of all three grades is awarded. On Go4School the grades may fluctuate as once more data is added over the school year, the overall average will change.


Minimum Target Grades

Your child is set a Minimum Target Grade from the data we receive following their year 6 SATs from Primary school.  We use the average of their English and Maths scores to generate this Minimum Target Grade. This grade represents the minimum grade that we would want your child to be aiming at the end of each academic year. 


How well is my child doing?

The minimum target grade is based on your child’s average scores in English and Maths in year 6 so there are likely to be some subjects where the grade is higher than others and some where the grades are lower than others. We would expect that their ‘average grade’ is reaching or exceeding their minimum target grade. It is expected that the grades will fluctuate during the year depending on what units they have covered – for example in science, you may find their physics unit tests results are high but their biology unit test results may be lower. 


How do I know how well my child is doing?

You are able to monitor your child’s progress through go4schools. The mobile app allows you to see headline results. To see more detailed results you will need to look on the website – if you want to see more details in a subject you can click on the heading in the breakdown column. If you are having trouble accessing go4schools please contact the school reception. 


What do I do if I am concerned about the progress my child is making?

If you are concerned about the progress your child is making in a subject we would suggest you contact the subject teacher to find out what they need to work on. If you are concerned about their progress in many subjects, we would suggest you contact their tutor. The easiest way to contact staff is via email. If you do not know their email address please email [email protected] and our reception team will pass it on for you.