Exam Results


Exams Results 2022

GCSE Results

Mr Parrott, Headteacher made the following statement ‘Congratulations to everyone on making it through an incredibly tough two years, in preparation for your assessments. We all know how hard it’s been at times, but also how hard you’ve worked. You all should be very proud.’

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A-Level Results

Mr Parrott, Headteacher, commented; ‘congratulations to all the Iveshead Year 13 who have received their results today.  We are really proud of you all and so pleased and relieved that you are able to celebrate some fantastic individual results and look forward to some incredible destinations next year,

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 Full details of our results can be found on the DfE Performance tables page which can be found here

KS4 – 2019

Progress 8:  -0.09

Attainment 8: 42.90

%4+ in English and Maths: 61%

%5+ in English and Maths:  32.67%

% of pupils achieving EBAC: 23%

EBACC APS:  3.82

% of pupils staying in education or employment for at least 2 terms after key stage 4=  94%


KS5 – 2019

A-level value added score: 0.05

Progress made in GCSE Maths: 0.44

Progress made in GCSE English: 0.00

A-level point score: 27.56

Average result: C

% completing their main study programme: 95.2%

% progressing to education or employment: 93%


Full information can be found on the Iveshead 16 to 18 performance table page which can be access here