School Closure Procedure

In the event of bad weather the school aims to open as normal. However, if the weather is so severe that the campus is unsafe or all but the most local staff are able to come to school we will close. We do not want young people to struggle to school in dangerous conditions and then be inadequately supervised when they arrive. If the decision is made to close the school we will notify parents by sending out a text message. Please ensure that you keep us informed of any changes to your mobile number. We will also alert Radio Leicester (104.9 FM) and Gem (106 FM).

Our social media pages will also be updated to communicate the news (Twitter – @ivesheadschool).

We aim to make a decision by 7:00am and communicate to all at that time.

If we are open but there is a covering of snow on minor roads we would ask for your support by not driving up to the campus unless absolutely necessary.