Staff and Departments

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Johnson – Head of School [email protected]

Miss McNally – Assistant Headteacher [email protected]Β 

Mr James – Assistant Headteacher [email protected]

Mr Twitchin – Assistant Headteacher [email protected]

Mrs Cornes – Director of Learning Environment [email protected]

Miss Burnell – Operations Manager – [email protected]Β 

English Faculty

Mr Bailey – Director of English [email protected]

Miss Watson – Assistant Director of English – [email protected]

Teachers: Mr Allford, Miss Browne, Mrs Chatwin, Mr James, Mrs Osborn, Mrs Pratt, Mr Rashid, Miss Revill

HLTAs: Miss Huthwaite, Mrs Snook

Library Assistant: Mr Jenkins

Maths Faculty

Miss Neep – Director of Maths [email protected]

Miss Patel – Assistant Director of Maths – [email protected]

Teachers: Mrs Barstow, Mr Farley, Miss Prescott, Miss Thomas, Mr Thompson, Mr Turner, Mrs Wileman, Mr Wilson

HLTAs: Mrs Burton, Mrs Dawson, Mrs Gordon

Science Faculty

Mr Trenchard – Director of Science [email protected]

Mr Charvill – Assistant Director of Science – [email protected]

Teachers:Β  Mrs Brentnall, Mrs Burton, Mr Hadley, Mrs Hughes, Miss James, Miss Kaur, Miss Patel, Mr Priestley, Miss Sibson-Flood, Ms Smith

Senior Technician: Mrs Waite

Science Technician: Mrs Morton

Creative Faculty

Mr Snutch – Director of Creative [email protected]

Mrs Hebden – Assistant Director of Creative – [email protected]

Teachers: Mrs Doleman, Mr Donald, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Gandabhai,Β  Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Law, Mr Mark, Mrs Stevenson, Miss Watson, Miss Wright

Technicians: Mrs Johnson, Mrs Knight, Mr Wheeler

Culture Faculty

Mrs Whiteman – Director of Culture [email protected]

Mr Montgomery – Assistant Director of Culture – [email protected]

Teachers:Β  Miss Chamberlain, Mr Hoque, Mr Nuttall, Miss Palmer, Ms Ruff, Miss Smith, Mr Smith, Ms Wardman, Mr Wood, Mrs Drew

SEND and Inclusive Provision

Miss Elgey – SENDCO – [email protected]

Mrs Wright – Director of Inclusive Provision – [email protected]

Mrs Shaw – Learning Development Co-ordinator

Mrs Helm – Assistant Learning Development Co-Ordinator

Teaching Assistants: Miss Allard, Miss Anscombe, Mrs Blagden, Miss Blockley, Mrs Bounds, Mrs Bowley, Mrs Britt, Mrs Bromptom, Mrs Carpenter, Ms Davie, Mrs Edwards, Miss Greasley, Mr Greenfield, Mrs Harris, Miss Helm, Mrs Hicks, Mrs King, Mrs Mills, Miss Roberts, Mrs Rose, Mrs Snook, Mrs Stanley, Mr Waite, Mrs Welch




Miss McNally – Assistant Head [email protected]

Mrs Brentnall – Director of Post 16 [email protected]

Mrs Stevenson – Director of Personal Development – [email protected]

Mrs Pearson-Neal – Head of Year – [email protected]

Mrs Penver – Head of Year – [email protected]

Miss Flisher – Head of Year – [email protected]

Mrs Buck – Safeguarding and Attendance Manager – [email protected]

Mrs Doleman – Assistant Director of Post 16 – [email protected]Β 

Mrs Barstow – Year 11 Progress Lead – [email protected]

Miss Wright – Year 7, 8 & 9 Progress Lead – [email protected]

Mrs Wileman – Pupil Premium Lead – [email protected]

Mrs King- Attendance Officer

Miss Smith – Head of Year

Lunchtime Supervisors: Miss Rose, Mrs Snook, Miss Taylor

Support Staff

Mrs Bridge- Assistant Curriculum and Examination Manager

Miss Burnell – Operations Manager

Mrs Callender – Cover Manager

Mrs Holder – Curriculum and Examination Manager

Miss Hopcroft – Admin Apprentice

Mrs Gordon – Finance Officer

Miss Lovett – Senior IT Technician

Mrs Richardson – Cover Supervisor

Mrs H Russell – Reprographics Technician

Mrs Walker – Receptionist

Site and Premises Staff

Mr Anthony, Mr Powell and Mr Young – Premises Officers

Mrs L Russell – Community and Facilities Officer

Mr Walker – Campus Manager