Every Iveshead student to reach their potential


Making the most 

Identify and close gaps for all students

A continuous curriculum to allow progress for all – both in school and at home

Everyone is a teacher of literacy

Getting the ‘balance’ right to ensure good mental health and wellbeing for all

High Challenge – Low Threat

Maximise the use of learning time, every time

Have the highest expectations – ‘teach to the top’

High quality assessment & feedback that delivers progress

Outcomes for all to be proud of

High aspiration for all

Iveshead students to be reassured, challenged and inspired

Provide enrichment opportunities for growth and to support aspirations. 

Take every chance to broaden everyone’s horizons 

Destinations to celebrate 

Supportive and vibrant learning community

A focus on ‘core business’. Teaching and learning and no distractions

Recruiting and retaining students and staff

Working in partnership to continuously improve

Challenge preconception and celebrate diversity