Elective Home Education (EHE)


Elective home education is a term used to describe a choice by parents to provide education for their children at home – or at home and in some other way which they choose – instead of sending them to school full-time. 

Parents who choose to educate a child in these ways rather than sending the child to school full-time take on financial responsibility for the cost of doing so, including the cost of any external assistance used such as tutors, parent groups or part-time alternative provision.

If Elective Home Education is something that you are considering for your child then we would advise that you contact [email protected] (Sophie McNally, Assistant Headteacher) so that we can arrange a meeting to discuss your options and some of the challenges that Elective Home Education poses. 

We do understand that some parents may change their mind about home educating their child. If a parent wants to re-admit their child, then a school’s normal process for in-year school admissions should apply. An application can be made at any school, at any time.

Here’s a link to an education in the media blog for parents, carers regarding home education.